About lcdhr

The Learning Center for Democracy and Human Rights (Stichting LCDHR) is Hague-based independent NGO, registered as an international foundation in The Netherlands, and carries out its activities in Libya.

It was registered in the UK in 2011 as the Libyan Center for Democracy and Human Rights. Consequently, it moved to Libya and achieved its registration in 2013. Having operated and established reliable connections in Libya for almost a decade, LCDHR’s activities will focus on and commit to:

  • strengthening Libyan civil society
  • contributing to peace and social cohesion
  • supporting local and international initiatives that promote and advance national reconciliation and transitional justice
  • advocating, lobbying, and campaigning for victims
  • defending civil liberties and human rights
  • assisting constituencies to overcome challenges posed by marginalization, racism, social pressure and extremist tendencies


Time line
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Mission Statement

The mission of Stg. LCDHR is to promote understanding and respect for human rights, and encourage communities and vulnerable groups to actively engage in democratic processes, the promotion of civic values and national reconciliation.

We accomplish this by:

providing training, resources and support to local groups and civil society activists

promoting inclusiveness and diversity

empowering communities to take control of their future.

ensuring the future of LCDHR