Learning & Development

LCDHR believes that societies are in constant need to learn and develop to enhance their skills, boost their knowledge, and improve their living conditions. We plan to do that by creating an environment where people can do their best, so they feel respected and valued; and by designing and implementing appropriate training and mentoring programs.

High ethical standards

LCDHR strive to meet the highest ethical standards of honesty, integrity, and openness in everything we do. We carry out all our work with the greatest responsibility and accountability.


We are passionate about continuous change to improve the Libyan society by making space for positive outcomes to flourish. That is why we encourage initiative, imagination, innovative ideas, and bold creativity to facilitate opportunity, encouragement, and satisfaction for local communities.

Equality and Diversity

We believe in equality of opportunity without bias and we encourage diversity, dignity, and fair treatment. We foster inclusion and zero-tolerance to discrimination or harassment, and we make sure these values are built into all our processes and functions. We also believe and practice diversity as a key element in fostering critical thinking, dialogue, and cooperation, while supporting collaboration and engagement whenever possible.


We believe in empowering people by providing them with opportunities, tools and skills to be positive so they can help themselves and their communities