LCDHR was created to campaign in the UK and Europe for the protection of civilians and ending of severe human rights violations during the conflict that erupted in Libya in February 2011.

It moved to Benghazi in the summer of 2011 and became involved in the promotion of human rights, strengthening the fledgling civil society and supporting journalism and freedom of expression in Libya, as key pillars in the democratic development process.

Since then, LCDHR’s team accumulated considerable experience in partnering with local and international organisations to carry out various activities. These included leading assessment missions, carrying out consultancies, managing and implementing capacity building projects and advising local and international organisations on policy and strategy.

After a period of little activity (due to the deteriorating security situation throughout Libya beginning in summer of 2014), LCDHR started a new phase in 2019. It managed to open an office in Tripoli and became active again.

In 2020, LCDHR was registered as a Dutch foundation and expanded its supervisory board to include international experts and professionals, half of them women.